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Product characteristics

Eni Clematis MS, classified as MES (Mild Extraction Solvate), is an aromatic safe not carcinogenic oil, produced by a heavy paraffinic fraction with an aromatic level well exceeding those of standard paraffinic oils. Eni Clematis MS has a high performance coming from excellent chemical-physical characteristics in terms of high stability, low volatility, excellent plastic behavior, adequate viscosity and remarkable chemical compatibility both with rubber and rubber blend.
Product code 049390
Name Eni Clematis MS
  Product profile
Eni Clematis RL, classified as RAE LA (Residual Aromatic Extract Low Aromatic), is a safe oil, not carcinogenic, with a low content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and a low value of mutagenicity index (MI). The product derives from a solvent extraction of de-asphalted vacuum residues, has a high viscosity and a dark green colour.
Product code 041780
Name Eni Clematis RL
  Product profile
Eni Clematis TD, classified as TDAE (Treated Distillate Aromatic Extract), is a safe oil with a low content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), produced by a solvent extraction of traditional distillate aromatic extract (DAE) oil.
Product code 041250
Name Eni Clematis TD
  Product profile
For product Safety Data Sheets, please go to the Eni Safety Data Sheets site.