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Blu Diesel + produced by Eni is a high quality diesel with high cetane number which improves cold startability and reduces engine noise and vibration, resulting in a more fluid and pleasant driving. Thanks to the presence in its formulation of specific detergent additives, the use of Blu Diesel + leads to: - a very high cleaning action on diesel engine injectors, also for old, high mileage vehicles; - strong removal of preexisting injectors deposits and full power recovery; -improvement of driving fluidity; - lower fuel comsumption and higher mileage up to 800 km every 20.000 km, compared to traditional diesel fuels. Blu Diesel + complies with UNI EN 590 and with Government Regulations and meets custom specifications.
Product code C391BIS
Name Blu Diesel +
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For product Safety Data Sheets, please go to the Eni Safety Data Sheets site.