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Eni produces in Eni Venice Green Refinery the HVO component (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils) with totally hydrocarburic composition and high energetic content thanks to the implementation of the proprietary technology Ecofining. In the last years, the research activity on biofuels has grown up to fulfill regulatory requirements on the additivation of marketed fuels with increasing percentage of renewable components to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In 2006 Eni launched a research project for the production of innovative biofuel with better quality compared to traditional biodiesel and, in collaboration with UOP, developed the new technology Ecofining. This technology is implemented in Eni Venice Refinery, which is the first case in the world of traditional petroleum refinery conversion into a biorefinery. The process implemented within the refinery, is based on the use of pure hydrogen instead of methanol commonly used for the production of traditional biodiesel: the hydroprocess realized determines the production of the HVO component, with full hydrocarburic composition and very high energy content. The component HVO has also high Cetane number and good cold properties so that it is a quality component for the blending with fossil fuel. The HVO component complies with EN 15940 specification.
Product code 0C1355
Name HVO component
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