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HVOlution is Eni's Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), the sustainable fuel containing 100% biogenic component, mainly produced from waste & residues derived from processes of transformation of vegetable products or from crops not in competition with the food and feed chain. Compared to conventional diesel, HVOlution used as such on specially validated vehicles, can reduce up to 90% GHG emissions (GreenHouse Gas) Well to Wheel, i.e. along the entire logistics and production chain, up to its final use. This result depends on the production process and the feedstock used. HVOlution is composed by a mixture of stable non-hygroscopic paraffins, and therefore it’s poorly subject to bacterial contamination. Thanks to its nature it can be added to fossil diesel in high percentages, even much higher than 7% allowed by the European standard EN 590 for traditional biodiesel (FAME). It has a high heating value, very similar to that of fossil diesel and higher than that of traditional biodiesel (FAME). It has a high cetane number which allows excellent combustion, especially in cold starts, and reduces engine noise. It is free of aromatics and polyaromatics, which are environmentally impacting compounds. HVOlution complies with the European standard EN15940 for Paraffinic diesel fuel from synthesis or hydrotreatment (XTL).
Product code 0C1355
Name HVOlution
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