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Eni's HVO - Diesel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is 100% vegetable and a high quality biofuel produced through the proprietary Ecofining technology in the Venice and Gela Biorefineries. It has a completely hydrocarbon nature (it does not contain oxygen) and a high cetane number which allows excellent combustion, especially in cold starts, and reduces engine noise. It does not contain aromatics and polyaromatics. Thanks to its nature it can be added to fossil diesel in high quantity, even much higher than the 7% allowed by the European standard EN 590 for traditional biodiesel (FAME). Eni Diesel + premium diesel, for example, contains 15% of this biocomponent. HVO - Diesel can also be used pure on specially validated vehicles, immediately bringing a significant CO2 reduction. HVO - Diesel complies with the European standard EN 15940.
Product code 0C1355
Name HVO - Diesel
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