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Enilive oilproducts
Paraffin 133-137 produced by Eni is a fully refined paraffin wax, obtained through modern refining processes of appropriate crude oil streams which provide a high quality product. A further two grades are available with a different melting range: 118-122 and 122-126. Eni fully refined paraffin waxes are translucent white color, not-tackiness hard waxes with excellent properties in terms of: total absence of impurities, oil content less than 0.65% wt, insolubility in water and in acids, poor reactivity at room temperature, good waterproofing, low electrical and thermal conductivity. The name refers to the melting point range expressed in °F.
Product code 6540002
Name Paraffina 133-137
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For product Safety Data Sheets, please go to the Eni Safety Data Sheets site.