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'We're here to find solutions to your technical problem'

15 juni 2021, 17:30

'We're here to find solutions to your technical problem'
Eni Benelux is a lubricants manufacturer that combines an extensive product portfolio with on-site technical support. With this approach, Eni helps companies in the manufacturing industry to improve and optimise their production and other processes.
This is illustrated by the new partnerships recently formed in the metal industry, after a solution was found together with Hans Kleyweg (Industry Account Manager of Eni Benelux) to a long-standing technical problem faced by a milling technology specialist.
The quality of the cooling lubricant in the (CNC) milling machines was affected by a combination of incorrect specifications and a reaction to the cutting oil. 'This resulted in deterioration of the tolerances as well as the surface roughness of the finished product, which significantly increased wear on the tools. The formation of bacteria also caused the operators skin and respiratory problems.'
As part of the action plan, Eni first analysed the current cooling lubricant in a laboratory. 'The results confirmed what we had already established visually and by smell.' This was the starting point for an 8-week test period with Eni products.
Hans Kleyweg oversaw the dismantling, cleaning and filling of these machines with Eni emulsion (cooling lubricant) and the change to Eni slideway oil. After that the account manager monitored the current status and operation weekly. The conclusion after eight weeks was that the problem was solved. This highlights the added value Eni Benelux offers to the industry.
'Eni Benelux customers will, of course, benefit from the knowledge, support and products we have in Rotterdam. Also, the lines of communication with the parent company in Italy are short,’ emphasises Hans Kleyweg. 'For specific problems and requirements, help can be provided by the Eni Research Centre in San Donato Milanese and customers can draw from the even broader product portfolio.'
For more information about industrial lubricants visit our website, or contact Hans Kleyweg: +31 (0)6 25261723.

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