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The Energy Evolution Quality Policy

02 März 2021, 09:00

The Energy Evolution Business Group’s Quality Policy, which reinforces and strengthens the commitment of all those who are part of the business to operating with integrity and impartiality to ensure customer satisfaction, was signed last 25th February.
The Energy Evolution Quality Policy
Energy Evolution considers the dissemination of the Quality Policy document, which outlines the principles that inspire all of the functions within the Business Group in the development of specific Quality Management Systems, to be a matter of priority, with a view to continuously improving internal management processes for the dissemination of the culture of quality aimed at promoting the growth of the company and its stakeholders.
Inspired by Eni's Mission, which is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, the Quality Management System aims to achieve maximum transparency towards customers and suppliers and is built on fundamental elements such as careful analysis of the context, monitoring of processes with a view to overall efficiency, assessment and maximum mitigation of risks, and awareness and involvement on the parts of all players involved.

The goal of operating in Quality is one shared by all of the people in Energy Evolution, each, within their sphere of competence, playing an important role in pursuing the sustainable development of their activities and guaranteeing responsibility, fairness, integrity, objectivity of judgment and confidentiality, all of which are essential values to the pursuit of our objectives.

Download the Energy Evolution Quality Policy

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