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Eni has developed a new lubricants “food grade” line that meets the needs of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and pet food industry.
The utilization of Eni lubricants "food grade" allows to:
  • minimize the food contamination risk in all stages of production, as required by HACCP protocol (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)
  • meet the lubrication requirements for any machinery utilized during production processes
  • guarantee high quality standards level of products
  • maximize the productivity.
Eni food grade lubricant line is formulated only with raw materials included in FDA Group 21 CFR 178.3570 *, approved and registered by NSF ** such as H1, or "Authorized for applications where is possible the accidental contact with food".

The NSF Mark is the guarantee that one of most respected, independent certification organizations approves the product. The NSF Mark is recognized by consumers, producers, retailers and worldwide regulatory agencies.

Eni food grade lubricants line produced in a plant certified according to ISO 21469.
This International Standard specification, is the guide line for hygiene requirements necessary to develop, produce, utilize and handle the H1 lubricants. These lubricants may get accidentally in contact with products and packaging utilized for food for animal, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and human food production.
Auch unter Druck absolute Höchstleistung
Von den Hydrauliksystemen in Löffel- und Schaufelbaggern über Lenksysteme von Schiffen und Flugzeugen bis hin zu großen Industriepressen. Überall, wo große Kräfte erzeugt werden müssen oder die Bewegung von mechanischen Teilen sichergestellt werden muss, sind Hydrauliköle das Mittel der Wahl. Wir sind in diesem Bereich mit zahlreichen Produkten vertreten. Und eines haben Sie alle gemeinsam: Allerbeste Eni Qualität. Dank modernster Produktionsverfahren garantieren wir Ihnen eine exzellente Produktreinheit sowie ein besonderes Augenmerk auf den Umweltschutz.


Eni lubricants for Food Industry
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Eni covers all marine application offering a range of lubricants for large vessels as wells as for small boats. Customers in the marine sector have the option of obtaining supplies of lubricants at the main ports around the world, thanks to an extensive, reliable and competitive sales network.

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