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Polymer-modified bitumens are high-performance special binders obtained from carefully selected types of bitumen. Their rheological properties are significantly improved by processing in special equipment and by adding suitable polymers - e.g. in terms of plasticity, cohesion, elasticity and resistance to deformation. Polymer-modified bitumen meets all today's market requirements for high-performance specialty binders because of its increased durability, strength and temperature stability. The optimised mechanical properties of the asphalt mixes produced with it ensure a longer service life with full usability of the road surface. The use of polymer-modified bitumen also optimizes maintenance procedures and increases road safety in the case of "open-pore" layers.
Our polymer-modified bitumen complies with the European standard DIN EN 14023.

Polymer modified Bitumen

  • PmB 10/40-65A

  • PmB 25/55-55A

  • PmB 45/80-50A

  • PmB 40/100-65A

  • PmB 10/40-65RC

  • PmB 25/55-55RC

  • PmB 45/80-50RC