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Eni's commitment in the aviation sector is mainly in the marketing of Jet A-1 and in the delivery of technical assistance, operational and training to multiple operators in Italy and abroad. Eni provides Aviation Gasoline (Avgas 100LL) to specialist retailers at a third deposit.

Business Aviation Eni has obtained the UNI ENI ISO 9001 for its Quality Management System. Eni is a strategic partner of International Air Transport Association (IATA), the main international organization of airlines. It Is also Guarantor Member of the JIG (Joint Inspection Group), the first internationally recognized forum that establishes and enhances the standards for the safe management and quality control of aviation fuels.

Eni is focused on creating value for its customers in the long term, focusing efforts in the research of the highest quality level of the product and of the relations with its trading partners to consistently offer support and assistance. 

Product characteristics

Product code DE0141
Name Jet A-1
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