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The demands on modern manufacturing processes in the metal-cutting industry are constantly increasing. In order to meet the continuous technological evolution of machine tools and metalworking, as well as to ensure compliance with necessary environmental protection measures and relevant regulations, Eni Research has developed new lines of lubricants for metalworking that meet all these requirements.

Cooling lubricants ensure optimal heat dissipation and reduction of friction between tool and workpiece in production engineering, cutting and forming on machine tools. In the field of metalworking, the best results are achieved exclusively through close interaction between supplier, product and customer.

Eni's metalworking lines include

- cutting oils:
             - Aster line: mineral oil based
             - Fresia ESB line: Ester oil based
             - metalCut, metalGrind & metalHon line

- water-miscible cooling lubricants:
             - Aquamet line

- Stamping and forming oils:
             - metalPress line
             - metalStanz line

- Corrosion protection oils
             - Coro Line

Neat Cutting Oils

  • EP active cutting oils for severe operations

  • Grinding, lapping and honing oils

  • Multifunction Oil

  • Cutting oils for medium-severe operations

  • Biodegradable ester based cutting oils


Water miscible cutting oils

  • Eni Aquamet