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When it comes to heat in the home, or different fuels for industry, agriculture and private use, Eni is your reliable contact.
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Heating oil EL low sulfur
Eni low-sulfur fuel oil meets the highest standards of environmental compatibility and reliability.
There is a constant high energy utilization and a higher fuel oil consumption. Simplifies the maintenance of boiler and burner. To right Eni fuel oil EL low sulfur by a very clean and fast residue-free combustion and is virtually odorless.
Fiamma - the power heating oil from Eni
- offers perfect storage stability
- provides optimal combustion values
- protects the environment
- contributes to cost savings
- promotes cleanliness and operational safety of the heating system

Heavy oil
Heavy oil is a residual oil from distillation or cracking plants used in petroleum processing.
Eni heavy oil for bunker purposes is a fuel for shipping and is characterized by a very high viscosity.

LPG is a light hydrocarbon mixture (mainly propane and butane) derived from natural gas extraction or petroleum refining. The carbons and carbohydrate sources are also given in the English language.

Environment in the industrial environment of industrial development and applications.

Our Eni Bitumen products are used in road construction, waterproofing, civil engineering and many other industrial applications and meet all European and international standards.

Jet fuel Jet A-1
The jet fuel Jet A-1 produced by Eni meets the highest quality requirements. Eni Deutschland GmbH carries out refueling at some German airports through commissioned Into-Plane service providers.