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Eni Arnica Extra Plus

10 May 2021, 00:00

Eni Arnica Extra Plus
To meet the growing demand for biodegradable high-performance hydraulic oils, Eni has introduced additional versions of Arnica Extra Plus in ISO VG 32 and ISO VG 68 viscosity grades. As part of this, all three versions have been registered under the EU Eco Label. This further underpins the quality level and environmental compatibility of the Arnica Extra Plus range.

When it comes to the application criteria for hydraulic oils in mobile work equipment, the power density of the hydraulic systems plays a key role. In modern work machines, the performance of hydraulics is constantly increasing, components are being made smaller for reasons of space, system pressures are rising and, as a result, the mechanical and thermal load on the hydraulic fluid is also increasing.
In addition, there is the ever more present environmental aspect. If a leakage occurs in the hydraulic system, the environment should be polluted as little as possible. Many local authorities now stipulate that only machines equipped with biodegradable hydraulic oil may be used for construction work. In agriculture and forestry, too, the use of such products is increasingly taking account of growing environmental awareness.  

In order to cover the two important requirements - high mechanical and thermal stress on the one hand and rapid biodegradability on the other - the premium product Eni Arnica Extra Plus in viscosity ISO VG 46 has been in the range for some time. Due to the use of fully saturated di-carboxylic acid ester, the product is at least 60% degradable in the environment within 21 days according to OECD-301-B and achieves excellent application performance: hydraulic pumps are effectively protected against cavitation, thus ensuring high operational reliability, optimum air separation capacity, excellent wear and corrosion protection, aging resistance, elastomer compatibility and high-temperature stability.


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