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AUTOL Desolite B

10 December 2020, 00:00

AUTOL Desolite B
ince the introduction of the Euro emission standards at the beginning of the 1990s, the emission limits have been made extremely stringent. For the Euro VI emissions standard, which has been in force in the passenger car sector since 2015, vehicle manufacturers have had to make considerable technical efforts to comply with it. To achieve the best possible exhaust values, however, the engine must be in perfect condition. Unfavourable operating conditions, such as frequent short-distance operation or poor fuel quality, work against this. In seasonal vehicles such as motorbikes or young and oldtimers, resinous deposits in the fuel system are a recurring problem due to the minimum five-percent admixture of ethanol in the superfuel. These deposits form when the vehicle is stationary for a longer period of time and often lead to malfunctions when the vehicle is to start the new season.
The multi-purpose petrol additive AUTOL Desolite B actively counteracts this. It dissolves existing deposits in the entire fuel system from the tank to the injection nozzles. In addition, deposits in the engine are broken down or prevented from forming. Deposits on the piston crowns can eventually lead to harmful glow ignitions or uncontrolled combustion, which are detrimental to the engine. It also exacerbates the problem of low-speed pre-ignition that currently exists in down-sizing engines. Engine damage can be the result. Deposits on the valve heads reduce the cross-section of the air intake, which leads to a loss of power and consequently to increased fuel consumption. Deposits on the valve seats do not allow the valves to seal properly, so that the exhaust gas quality suffers due to poor combustion and it can even lead to burnt-out valves. This in turn results in expensive repairs to the engine.
AUTOL Desolite B is suitable for all types of petrol engines, be it 2-stroke or 4-stroke, carburettor, intake manifold or direct injection, with or without catalytic converter.

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