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AUTOL Profi DK-Kat 1 : 1000

23 September 2020, 00:00

Our proven product AUTOL Profi DK-Kat has been known for many years as a highly effective fuel additive for all diesel engines. As a combustion catalyst it ensures cleanliness in the injection system and thus maximum engine performance.

AUTOL Profi DK-Kat convinces with the following features:

- Adapted to the current fuel qualities
- ensures exhaust gas-optimised combustion
- also suitable for vehicles with current exhaust aftertreatment systems
- DK savings of 2 - 4%
- improves the starting ability of the engines
- ensures smooth engine running and protects the mechanics
- Cetane number increase
- Maintains engine performance at new vehicle level

The well-known product AUTOL Profi DK-Kat is designed for a mixing ratio of 1 litre to 1500 litres of diesel fuel for customers with their own tank system. A new addition is the AUTOL Profi DK-Kat 1 : 1000 with a mixing ratio of
1 litre per 1000 litres of diesel fuel. It covers the needs of fuel suppliers to produce so-called "premium diesel" from commercial diesel fuel by means of a metering device on the tanker.

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