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Eni Fresia ESB - Series

14 October 2019, 00:00

Eni Fresia ESB - Series
The aim of developing this product range was to achieve maximum performance at different viscosity levels. The viscosities of 10 mm²/s, 25 mm²/s and 35 mm²/s are ideally suited for machining difficult-to-machine materials on the most difficult of jobs, both for flood lubrication and for tool-defined lubricant feeds. The products are characterised by an excellent cooling effect and a very low tendency to evaporation. These distinctive properties are guaranteed by the selection of the synthetic esters used. Some performance characteristics of a cutting oil can only be influenced by the base oil itself according to the current state of the art.

Therefore, special attention was paid to the base oil combination. This is not comparable with conventional standard base oils, as they are mass-produced. In addition to many tests and technical discussions up to the result, the selection of the right and suitable additive combination under consideration of health compatibility was of course also decisive for the performance of this product series. A modern lubricant today is characterised by a large number of individual active ingredients which, when combined, provide a rounded result. Important properties of today's cutting oils that can be influenced by active ingredients are, for example:
- health compatibility
- high oxidation resistance / low oil aging
- excellent corrosion protection
- very good polar properties
- Reduction of the internal resistance of an oil
- excellent flow behaviour

The choice of a synthetic ester brings the great advantage of polarity and adhesion to metal surfaces to achieve a stable lubricating film. This reduces friction. Heat that forms between the tool and the workpiece is dissipated, thus reducing smoke generation.

It is obvious that such sophisticated high-performance products are not comparable with standard cutting oils. Even if the financial expenditure for purchasing seems to be higher, the result will be positive over the overall view of manufacturing/production/commissioning/quality/wear losses etc. and a cost reduction will be achievable.

The Eni Fresia ESB range is suitable for machining alloyed steel, stainless steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys as well as titanium and non-ferrous metals.

Machining processes such as deep drilling, reaming, broaching, honing, grinding etc. can be safely mastered with this product series.

As with any use of cooling lubricants, the applicable VDI guidelines 3035 and 3397 (1-3) must of course be observed to ensure trouble-free operation.

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