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Eni i-Sint tech F 0W-30

15 January 2019, 00:00

11.-15. September in Frankfurt am Main
Eni i-Sint tech F 0W-30
With Eni i-Sint tech F 0W-30, Eni is expanding its product portfolio in the fuel-saving engine oils of the 0W class. The product covers the operating instructions of several manufacturers, such as Ford, Land Rover / Jaguar and the Fiat / Chrysler Group.
It is characterized by excellent wear protection of all moving engine components and ensures the stay-in-grade properties over the entire replacement interval. The Mid-SAPS formulation protects the components of the exhaust aftertreatment. The low SAE viscosity of 0W-30 and the low HTHS viscosity of the ACEA C2 formulation reduce emissions of pollutants in vehicles to a low level.

For the following vehicles of the above manufacturers, the engine oil can be used:
specification WSS-M2C950A
Diesel engines with 1,5/ 1,6/ 2,0 Ltr. capacity built since 2014

Land Rover/ Jaguar:
specification STJLR.03.5007
Diesel engines with 2,0 Ltr. capacity built since 2015

Fiat/ Chrysler:
specification 9.55535-GS1
Petrol engines Twin-Air/ Multi-Air/ E-torQ built since 2013
specification 9.55535-DS1
Diesel engines with 1,3/ 1,6/ 2,0 Ltr. capacity built since 2013

For the exact product selection the maintenance booklet of the respective vehicle is to be used! Of course, the Eni i-Sint tech F 0W-30 can be used with any vehicle requiring SAE viscosity 0W-30 engine oil and ACEA C2 specification.


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