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i-Sint tech R17

24 September 2020, 13:30

i-Sint tech R17
The lubricant sector of motor oils has become very fast-moving in recent years. European vehicle manufacturers in particular have published a flood of new specifications and releases.

To keep up with this, Eni has launched a new motor oil for Renault cars. As it is a "manufacturer-specific" product, it has been grouped in the Eni i-Sint tech range under the name Eni i-Sint tech R17. It meets SAE viscosity 5W-30, ACEA specification C3 and is officially approved by Renault for Renault RN17 specification.

Renault RN17 is used in the following vehicle types:
- Petrol engines (GDI, TGDI, with GPF, 4-way catalytic converter)
- Diesel engines from MY 2019 (with SCR technology, Euro 6d-Temp)
- Backwards compatible to older specifications RN0700 and RN0710
- not applicable as alternative for the specification RN0720 and for gasoline engines of RS models and Alpine

Eni's range of engine oils now covers the following Renault specifications:
- RN17 Eni i-Sint tech R17
- RN0720 Eni i-Sint tech R
- RN0710 Eni i-Sint 0W-40/ i-Sint 5W-40
- RN0700 Eni i-Sint 0W-40/ i-Sint 5W-40/ i-Sint tech F 5W-30

The Eni i-Sint tech R17 is now available!

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