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Oil change for the new season

26 March 2020, 00:00

Oil change for the new season
Our new AGIP Novecento product line is based on the special knowledge of specifications and properties of previous generations of engine oils and the latest findings from the development of current high-performance lubricants. Values such as style, excellent performance and the quality and technology of the products play an important role. Against the background of the era of great engines, these lubricants reflect the Italian automotive lifestyle with passion and exclusivity.

AGIP Novecento lubricants guarantee the best performance for car lovers and classic car collectors, also thanks to the numerous partnerships we have established in the past with some of the most prestigious car manufacturers. This means that our lubricants are based on special formulations and have exactly the properties recommended by the manufacturers of the time.

Classic cars, unlike modern vehicles, have more play between the mechanical components, due both to their high mileage and to the original design tolerances such as piston-cylinder clearance. For this reason, our new lubricant line offers products with high viscosity at high temperatures, which ensure a thick protective film between the moving parts, thus reducing wear and oil consumption.The complete range of the AGIP Novecento range includes various engine oils - for historic racing, for vehicles subject to normal use and for commercial vehicles such as buses, tractors & trucks. There is also a protective lubricant that is ideally suited for vintage cars in exhibitions. Transmission oils, as well as a fuel additive and a brake fluid complete the range.

No matter whether large-volume eight-cylinder, high-revving sports engines or vehicles with turbocharging of the first generations - from our Agip Novecento series is always a suitable product available to you.

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