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Eni is your technical partner when it comes to transmission service

02 joulukuuta 2020, 09:00

Eni is your technical partner when it comes to transmission service
Preventative and periodic service to (automatic) transmissions is becoming an increasingly important activity in the workshop. With a wide range of high-quality transmission fluids, Eni ensures that the mechanic has the proper lubricants on hand to be able to provide a top-quality job.
Car manufacturers have started the trend of developing smaller transmissions, using lighter materials. Often in combination with lowering the internal friction and minimising power loss.
In light of these developments, increasingly more is being asked of transmission fluids. Due, amongst other things, to the increased work temperatures, the greater force on the gear sets and the demands related to service life and the composition of the lubricants. 
Eni Rotra and Eni Rotra ATF
Eni is responding to these current developments with a wide range of modern transmission fluids. The Eni Rotra line is available for manual transmissions; 16 different types that cater to virtually all brands and types. Eni Rotra ATF was developed for (modern) automatic transmissions and is available in 9 variants.
Eni also has the right ATF in its range when you need to flush automatic transmissions. Eni Rotra ATF guarantees that the automatic gears will shift smoothly after flushing and replenishing the fluid. The fully synthetic Eni Rotra ATF is available in various specifications, such as for the automatic transmissions of BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo.
Want to know more about Eni’s transmission fluids? Contact our sales department: 010-294 1511

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