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‘Eni oil has been used for all Saabs since 1988’

20 kesäkuuta 2019, 00:00

‘Eni oil has been used for all Saabs since 1988’
Car company G.J. van Leenen specialises in the Swedish Saab. But the engine oil has come from Italy for decades. Proprietor Gerrit Jan van Leenen chose Eni at the end of the eighties. “After trying a few other brands, I was looking for an exclusive top quality product."

At the moment there are no fewer than 39 Saabs for sale, repair and/or maintenance in and around Delft. The car company is also known by Saab lovers as Saab Delft. “From day one, my goal has been to keep my customers' Saabs at the highest possible level. But without customers having to break the bank.”
Eni's engine oils are an important instrument in this, emphasises Gerrit Jan van Leenen: “In the 31 years I've worked with Eni, the lubricants have never let me down. And we see cars with very high mileages in the workshop. It's one less worry when you know that the oil is consistently good.”
Thanks to the Eni range, the Saab specialist can service all cars with three types of engine oil: ENI i-Sint 10W-40, ENI i-Sint 5W-40 and ENI i-Sint 5W-30. “From Saabs from the 70's to the modern models with GM engine technology; all types are filled with Eni. Of course we also use Eni's brake fluid.”
In his spare time, Gerrit Jan van Leenen races a historic Lotus Cortina. “With AGIP stickers, because I use Eni Sport 10W-60 to keep the finely tuned 170 hp 1600cc four-cylinder engine in top shape. Want to know how I got to know AGIP? Through the partnership with the Ferrari F1 team in the 70s and 80s. So it was immediately clear to me I was looking at a top quality product.”

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