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Enilive Benelux is here

27 helmikuuta 2024, 17:00

We are happy to announce the birth of Enilive Benelux, the company’s new brand and visual identity.
Enilive Benelux is here
We are happy to announce the birth of Enilive Benelux, the company’s new brand and visual identity.

Over the years, Eni has grown and evolved as a company, diversifying its product offering including also mobility products and services. All of Eni’s mobility activities have now converged within Enilive: from biorefining and biomethane assets to smart mobility, from the production and marketing of all energy carriers to the provision of services to support people on the move.  Enilive can offer many products, including alternative fuels such as HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil), bio-LPG and biomethane, and other products such as bitumen, lubricants and fuels.

To reflect this transformation, we have been rebranded as Enilive Benelux. Our new name, colours, and logo are a step change in communicating the company’s role in transforming mobility.
Meaning of the new name
The new name Enilive sums up the company's mission to offer products and services that enter people's daily lives by making them easier, smoother and more sustainable.

Meaning of the new colours
The logo colour solution identified uses a gradient, consistent with the identity system developed on all Eni company logos. The colour expresses sustainability, innovation and projection towards the future.

Meaning of the logo
The six-legged dog logo maintains its central and iconic role, but the flame icon is replaced, symbolising a flexible and innovative "living mobility". The icon evokes a path, a movement, a change to narrate the continuous evolution that has already begun and that always tends towards the future. The new brand thus coheres with the network of brands that Eni has launched over the last two years, adopting a new colour and graphics that illustrate its purpose, its role in the decarbonisation process and Eni's overall energy transition strategy.

The Enilive brand sums up the values and solutions Eni offers to the market, to its customers and to communities for mobility.
Should you wish to learn more about the name change, do not hesitate to contact us your account manager or call  +31 (0) 6 123 450 53 to get in touch with our marketeer.

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