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Expertise on demand with Eni technical support

02 joulukuuta 2020, 09:00

Expertise on demand with Eni technical support
As an international manufacturer and supplier of lubricants, Eni has extensive expertise and resources in this area. Expertise that we like to share with our customers. Eni Benelux is here to assist you with easy-to-access technical support, whether online, by phone or e-mail.
“We are a multinational, but when it comes to supporting our customers, we like to keep the lines of communication short”, explains Lillo Sciarrino, technical adviser at Eni Benelux.
“When working on a vehicle or machine, you are frequently faced with a question or requirement that needs an urgent response. When this happens, Eni is there for you and will respond promptly with an answer or solution.”
Our technical support service is available to all customers who use Eni products, such as in the automotive, heavy duty, industrial, agriculture, and other sectors.
Questions the Eni Benelux technical support team frequently gets asked:
  • Is this the right Eni engine oil for the car in the workshop*?
  • Can engine oil with the latest specifications be used in vehicles for which an older specification was prescribed?
  • What do the OEM, ACEA and API codes for engine oil mean in practice?
  • What is the ideal combination of Eni engine oils to have so that I can service all my customers’ vehicles?
Oil sample analysis
Struggling to identify the cause of excessive oil consumption, wear on moving parts or engine damage? Having the engine oil analysed can help establish the cause of the problem. Eni will gladly assist you with the scientific analysis of oil samples. We work with laboratories based in various countries throughout Europe.
*Eni Lube Finder
The online Eni Lube Finder provides round-the-clock lubricant advice. When you enter the vehicle registration number, the system returns custom lubricant advice specific to that unique vehicle. The database is regularly updated and is being added to all the time. You can find the Eni Lube Finder at
Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the Eni Benelux website, in the FAQ section. Eni Benelux technical support can be contacted at and on +31 10 294 1515.

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