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AGIP Novecento: High-quality lubricants for classic cars

15 mars 2019, 10:00

De techniek van klassieke auto’s vraagt om specifieke smeermiddelen voor optimale bescherming en prestaties.
AGIP Novecento: High-quality lubricants for classic cars
The technology of classic cars calls for specific lubricants for optimum protection and performance. AGIP Novecento has been specially developed for classic and sport cars built between 1900 and 1990. The complete line of motor oils, transmission oils and brake fluids has been specifically designed for use in classic cars using the technology and additives from that period

AGIP Novecento provides a high-quality solution within the range of Eni lubricants that cannot be provided by lubricants for modern engines. Classic cars operate with greater tolerances between the mechanical parts compared to their contemporary counterparts. That’s why AGIP Novecento offers high viscosity at high temperatures. There is less wear and oil consumption thanks to a thick oil film providing optimum protection.

The specially selected additives also make AGIP Novecento optimally suitable for the rubbers, seals, gaskets, metals and alloys used by automobile manufacturers during the given period. The composition also provides for anti-oxidizing, rust-preventing and anti-foam forming properties. 

When developing AGIP Novecento, we tapped into our many years of knowledge and experience in the automobile industry as a supplier to automobile manufacturers, our technical partnership with Ferrari and racing drivers such as Niki Lauda, Gilles Villeneuve and Jean Alessi in the Formula 1 and our involvement in iconic races such as the Mille Miglia and Targa Florio.

The AGIP Novecento is a comprehensive range of monograde and multigrade motor oils divided into three categories, with the composition being aligned to the engine technology used in the periods 1900-1950, 1950-1970 and 1970-1990. What’s more, the line features a special additive for fuel as an environmentally friendly replacement for lead and as a means for protecting the valves. Our range of AGIP Novecento transmission oils includes different types whereby the composition has been adapted to the type of transmission and the applied construction and materials. 

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