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Car holidays coming up: from stationary to peak load

15 juin 2021, 17:28

Car holidays coming up: from stationary to peak load
By far, most people will be going on holiday by car in their own country this summer. This means cars that have been stationary during the corona crisis will suddenly have to run at peak load. Eni calls for extra service and advice for car owners.
Holidays mean travelling by car to the holiday destination and also putting in a lot of extra kilometres for day trips. The car’s transition from being mainly stationary (due to working from home) to enduring demanding road conditions makes it important from a technical and service perspective to advise customers to make an extra visit to the garage.
A summer check or holiday service is an excellent motivator. Paying special attention to lights, brakes, suspension, tyres as well as all fluids guarantees a carefree and safe trip to the holiday destination.
Locating defects
This extra check – as a supplement to the periodic vehicle inspection – will reveal any defects and identify safety-sensitive wear before they can lead to problems such as breakdowns.
The engine oil level is the main concern when checking and topping up the car's fluids. Drivers often have only the vaguest idea of the correct Eni engine oil specification for their car. That gives car dealerships the chance to take a proactive approach to promote carefree driving.
One less problem with Eni Check-it Kit
The Eni Check-it Kit is available to help you if the oil light comes on while driving. This package, with one litre of refill oil, guarantees a carefree journey. The Eni Check-it Kit does away with the need for customers to search for the right engine oil themselves, which saves time and money. It also eliminates the risk of the wrong oil getting into the engine, reducing performance and service life and increasing emissions.
Eni Check-it Kit Contents
The Eni Check-it Kit comes in a nylon bag with a zip and Velcro and contains:
•          Rubber gloves
•          Cloth for cleaning dipstick
•          Foldable funnel
•          Moist cloth for cleaning hands

Order your Eni Check-it Kits now with your key account manager or via our sales department: +31 10 294 1511

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