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Eni wins prestigious award with energy-efficient turbine oil

04 décembre 2019, 13:00

Eni wins prestigious award with energy-efficient turbine oil
Eni OTE GT 15 is the latest energy efficient oil for turbines. This low viscosity turbine oil has been crowned with the 'Best Asset Integrity Technology' award by the leading US trade journal 'Hydrocarbon Processing'.

Eni OTE GT 15 sets a new standard for viscosity. With a viscosity in conformity with the ISO VG 15 standard, this Eni oil represents a boundary pushing breakthrough compared to the previous ISO VG 32 standard. 

Eni OTE GT 15 was developed by Eni in a collaborative effort with BHGE (Baker Hughes General Electric). The groundbreaking properties were achieved by combining a synthetic basic blend with an innovative combination of additives. 

Eni OTE GT 15 performs substantially better than conventional ISO VG 32 turbine oil. When used in a 30 megawatt gas turbine powered by natural gas, the following savings were measured:
  • A reduction of 240 tons of CO2 emissions per year 
  • A saving of 120,000 SMC of natural gas per year
  • A reduction of mechanical viscous losses from 5% to 15%
  • Increases the overall machinery efficiency up to 0,3%.

More information about Eni OTE GT 15 at Eni.com

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