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Update Lube Finder - product codes added

18 juin 2021, 09:00

Update Lube Finder - product codes added

Product codes added to Eni Lube Finder

The online Eni Lubricant Advisor (Lube Finder), is the perfect tool for when you are looking for the right oil for a certain type of vehicle. One can search by model or per category and the Lube Finder provides you with an overview of which oils are the best options for e.g. your car or motorcycle. In addition the tool also informs you about which change intervals are recommended.

In order to simplify the ordering process for our customers, we have now also added the product codes of our lubricants to the search results. You can recognize them by the four-digit number before the product name. So you can now see both the product name and the product code at a glance. So easy!

Do you wish to receive more information about the Lube Finder, please contact our sales department: +31 10  294 1511.

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