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“We virtually always work with rare, irreplaceable technology”

04 décembre 2019, 17:00

“We virtually always work with rare, irreplaceable technology”
At Italauto, everything centres on passion for Italian automotive technology. In Achterveld, a team of 7 professionals keeps Ferraris, Maseratis, Alfa Romeos and other Italian exotics in top form. Italauto places its trust in AGIP Novecento.

The workshop is currently working on three classic Ferraris with V12 engines an impressive 6-cylinder Maserati and an Alfa Romeo four-cylinder with a Mille Miglia history. Italauto has been a popular address for the repair, overhaul and maintenance of classic Italian cars since 1982.

"Our goal is to ensure that our customers can enjoy their special cars without any problems," says owner Jelle de Vries. "We do this by keeping the technology healthy with the original technologies and materials. You could say we are all perfectionists."

The Italian manufacturers used complex and sensitive technologies in their exotics, e.g. in the engines and gearboxes. “We work with special mechanical constructions, but also special metal alloys and plastics. Materials that are no longer used these days.”

Protecting and lubricating this sensitive technology and materials calls for the right engine oils. “That’s why we work with AGIP Novecento. The specifications are geared to the technology and materials of yesteryear. Using the wrong oil in such a system can lead to irreparable damage."

Jelle de Vries mentions as an example that the AGIP Novecento products have a higher viscosity compared to modern oils. This is critical for cars with an old engine, because these have more clearance between the mechanical parts.

Moreover, the products have an old formulation with a special additive with a high zinc content. This guarantees the right anti-wear properties and is a requirement for cars with older mechanical design.

Italauto technicians opted for AGIP Novecento after carefully studying the motor oil specifications. "We want to know exactly what we’re using because we virtually always work with rare, almost irreplaceable technology. And if we have any specific questions, we can always call one of Eni’s technical advisers. That’s another reason why AGIP Novecento is our first choice,” concludes Jelle de Vries.

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