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Eni i-Sint: synergy between modern technology and tradition

20 juni 2019, 00:00

Eni i-Sint is een complete lijn smeermiddelen voor personenwagens. De basis is gevormd door de ervaring en de traditie van AGIP te combineren met de laatste technologie en innovatie van Eni.
Eni i-Sint: synergy between modern technology and tradition
Eni i-Sint is a complete range of car engine oils. The range is based on combining the experience and tradition of AGIP with the latest technology and innovation of Eni.

Eni i-Sint was developed to protect all engines and to guarantee their performance. The i-Sint catalogue contains a complete range of synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils. Each specific type is tailored to the specific requirements and characteristics of that type of engine and is intended to allow the technology to function optimally under all conditions.

For all car types

A careful selection of base oils and a balanced ratio of additives ensures that the Eni i-Sint lubricants successfully withstand the rigorous tests and meet the specifications prescribed by the car manufacturers. With its wide range, Eni i-Sint is available for almost all cars, regardless of their type or year of manufacture.

0W-20 engine oils

Eni i-Sint engine oils offer maximum engine protection and enhance the performance of soot and emission filters with their special additive packages. The low-viscosity variants such as 0W-20 engine oils also contribute to reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Eni introduces new formulations

Eni is introducing new formulations for the Eni i-Sint Tech P 5W-30 and the Eni i-Sint Tech R 5W-30. Due to changes in OEM and ACEA requirements Eni has updated these two formulations to offer you and/or your customers the latest technology.

Eni i-Sint Tech P 5W-30

PSA has released a new specification B71 2290 for mid SAPS engine oil formulations with higher requirements to meet the more stringent engine tests in order to prevent "LSPI" Low Speed Pre-Ignition. The new Eni i-Sint Tech P 5W-30 now offers this latest sophisticated technology. The specification profile is now: ACEA C2 and PSA B71 2290.

Eni i-Sint Tech R 5W-30

Eni has updated the i-Sint Tech R 5W-30 to include the latest ACEA C3 specification. Now Eni i-Sint Tech R 5W-30 has the following specification profile: ACEA C3, ACEA C4, RN0720, MB229.51, MB226.51.

Which i-Sint is the best option for your car? Check it with the Lube Finder.

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