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What lubricant should you use for your car?
In order to choose the best motor oil the manufacturer's recommendations should always be followed.
To identify the most appropriate lubricant it is therefore necessary to:
  • Consult the section in the vehicle's maintenance guide concerning lubrication
  • Identify the manufacturer's suggested viscosity level (e.g. 5W-30, 15W-40, etc)
  • Identify the performance specifications required by the manufacturer (e.g. ACEA A3/B4, VW 505.00, etc)
  • Choose among the Eni product range the lubricant that can guarantee the viscosity and the strict specifications of constructors.
Lube Finder
Or you could log on to our search engine (lube finder) by clicking here, enter the vehicle model and you will find the right Eni lubricant for your car.

When do I need an oil change?
Regular oil changes ensure greater engine protection and better operation. The frequency of the oil change is indicated in your car’s maintenance manual and varies according to use (for example, predominantly urban use will more frequent oil changes). It is crucial to check your oil level frequently.

What is the ideal oil level?
  • the oil level should never exceed the stated maximum indicated on the dipstick
  • you should check the oil level when the engine is cold 
  • do not travel long distances with the level close to minimum

Can oils can be mixed?
Oils of different brands can be mixed as long as the viscosity grade and performance specifications are the same.

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Prolonging the life of your car
A good quality lubricant increases engine efficiency and extends its life considerably. Even if the car travels a few kilometers it is highly recommended to perform an oil change once a year. Besides the oil, it is also advisable to replace the oil filter at least every two changes. There is obviously a cost, but taking care of your car regularly, will significantly prolong its life.

Respecting the environment
The oil used in internal combustion engines becomes a hazardous waste. If disposed of incorrectly or used improperly, it can be highly polluting. If spilled on the ground, for example, it can reach the water table and pollute drinking water. If it is dispersed in water it will create a thin, impermeable film that prevents flora and fauna from breathing. Just to give you an idea of how damaging it can be, just 4 liters of used oil, the equivalent of an ordinary oil change for a car, if spilled into the sea would pollute an area the size of a football field.

A more efficient car
To function properly, an engine needs to be permanently lubricated. Lubrication reduces friction between moving parts and limits wear that can affect the engine. The lubricant also serves to cool the mechanical parts and to protect the internal surfaces from corrosion, as well as maintaining the cleanliness of the engine and facilitating the sealing of the piston rings. A properly maintained engine will give you optimum performance.