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eni oil products
From Eni's research laboratories comes a complete line of lubricants for heavy-duty vehicles offering high
efficiency, reliability and protection of your truck engine and transmission system. Ever attentive to
environmental issues, Eni has produced a range of innovative lubricants that not only satisfy the typical
requirements of the road haulage sector but offer enhanced environmental compatibility as well. Coolant
fluids and brake fluids complete the line.



  Lubricants for Trucks
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Engine Oils

  • Eni i-Sigma top MS

    High performance motor oils designed for use in vehicles with exhaust gas after-treatment systems.

  • Eni i-Sigma top

    Innovative synthetic technology and top synthetic oils with high performance; attaining the highest levels required by the leading automotive manufacturers.

  • Eni i-Sigma performance

    High-performance motor oils that allow extended oil change intervals and offer excellent price/quality 

  • Eni i-Sigma universal

    High performance oils for both gasoline and Diesel engines for passenger cars or heavy duty vehicles. An ideal solution to standardise the lubricating...

  • Eni i-Sigma monograde

    High quality monograde oils for aspirated and supercharged diesel engines.


Oil for manual transmissions and differentials

  • Eni Rotra

    Mineral or synthetic oils for the lubrication of manual transmissions and differentials.


Automatic transmission oils

  • Eni Rotra ATF

    Mineral or synthetic oils for the lubrication of automatic transmission gearboxes.


Antifreeze fluids

  • Eni Antifreeze

    Fluids that ensure the effective removal of engine heat and maximum protection of the cooling circuit


Brake Fluids

  • Eni Brake Fluid

    Fluids that ensure the best performance of braking systems in the most severe conditions of use.


Products for ancillary applications

  • Eni Grease