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A turbine is a rotary machine designed to convert chemical energy or pressure energy possessed by a fluid, into mechanical work; generally intended for production of electricity or propulsions.
Steam, hot gases produced directly from burning fuel; water is the commonly used fluids.
The lubricant inside the turbine lubricates the bearings on which the shaft stands, cooling the parts subject to higher temperatures, operate the servomechanisms of regulating valves and finally, if present, the lubrication of gear reduction units.
Eni product range allows to satisfy the needs of lubrication of all types of gas turbine, steam, hydraulic and also combined cycle.

Mineral oils

  • Eni OTE

    Steam turbine oils

  • Eni OTE GT

    Steam and gas turbine oils also for combined-cycle plans  


Synthetic Oil

  • Eni Turbo 23699