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Enilive oilproducts
Eni paving grade bitumen, the result of consolidated expertise in production technology and a significant application experience to support the marketing, is able to meet the growing needs arising from the development of geographical areas where there is a high demand for road infrastructure, and the need, in already developed areas, to sustain the steady increase in traffic and implementation requests from existing road networks.

Through the selection of raw materials and the most suitable productive assets, Eni aims to meet the performance characteristics in line with the different uses to ensure the final quality while maintaining maximum attention to environmental issues: the use of Eni products maximises the results in terms of environmental and noise pollution impact.

Eni paving grade bitumen possesses a high resistance to aging, elastic-plasticity and good response to low temperatures while also meeting the requirements of the European standard EN 12591.
Thanks to their properties, Eni bitumen provide excellent mechanical properties and enable the production of high-performance durable surfacing over time, even under the most demanding conditions.

Eni Paving grade bitumen

  • Paving Grade Bitumen 20/30

  • Paving Grade Bitumen 35/50

  • Paving Grade Bitumen 50/70

  • Paving Grade Bitumen 70/100

  • Paving Grade Bitumen 170/210

  • Eliflex HD