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The Industrial heating technique of solid, liquid or gas, is often used to feed indirect heat transmission systems. This technique involves the use of  thermal carrier transfer fluids (diathermic oil) that take heat from a hot source (heat generator) and transfers it where is needed.
Despite higher major cost and the high complexity of this indirect heating system, the advantages, compared to direct heating systems are many. 
For example the greater ease of temperature control and uniformity and the ability to serve more users by a single heat source.
Also safety is maximized because users are not directly in contact with the heat source.
Eni diathermic oils are specially formulated to ensure excellent heat transfer and at the same time to protect warming circuits from corrosion and deterioration.


Mineral heat transfer oils suitable for open or closed systems

  • Eni Alaria 2

  • Eni Alaria 3

  • Eni Alaria 7

  • Eni Alaria 3 HT