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Enilive oilproducts

Eni elastomers lubricants for industry, have been present for years in the rubber industry market. The series of products, paraffinic and aromatic based, are made in Leghorn Refinery.

Of polymeric nature, improperly defined “rubbers”, the elastomers are the raw materials from which, after an appropriate process, is possible to produce a wide range of common use artifacts: pneumatic for trucks and passenger cars, car components, conveyors, tubes, sanitary ware, soles, boots, sports and technical articles. Depending on functions and characteristics of finished products, the elastomers are added to other components as: vulcanizing agents, vulcanization retarders, accelerators, activators, organic acids, process oils and various additives.

Eni products comply with the Directive 2005/69 / EC and EC Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH) and subsequent adjustments defining the quantities limit of hazardous chemicals to environment and health.



Process Oils

  • Eni Celtis

    Paraffinic oils