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Enilive oilproducts

Technology and experience to offer the best solutions for paper specialties.

Following the industrial excellence and the Italian experience in paper manufacturing, Eni developed a lubricant line providing the best performance requested by the evolution of machinery equipment. Eni could offer its skills and a long ecperience to paper manufacturing industry.
The new continuous paper making machine require high reliability in order to guarantee a very high productivity level.
Choosing the right lubricant plays a crucial role to prolong the life of critical element of machinery (bearing, gearbox, mechanical joint), avoiding the maintenance stops with decreasing productivity and increasing of the maintenance costs.
The lubricant must guarantee the high performance where the conditions are very severe for example in wet and dry section due to the high temperature, water and contaminants.

The lubricant used in the paper machine must have the following characteristic:

  • high thermal oxidation resistance;
  • excellent corrosion protection of metallic parts from rust;
  • high capacity to separate water;
  • good detergency;
  • excellent anti-wear properties;
  • low foam tendency;
  • good filterabilty.


Hydraulic oils

  • Eni OSO

    Anti-wear oils

  • Eni Arnica

    Anti-wear oils with high viscosity index


Gear oils

  • Eni Blasia

    EP mineral oils

  • Eni Blasia FMP

    EP mineral oils (Flender approved)

  • Eni Blasia SX

    Synthetic PAO oil based

  • Eni Blasia FSX

  • Eni Blasia S

    Oil based on PAG


Circulating oils

  • Eni Acer

    Multipurpose mineral oils with anti-rust and anti-oxidant properties  

  • Eni Acer MP

    Mineral oils for bearings and gears of mills  

  • Eni Acer MPK

    Mineral oils for bearings and gears of paper industry machines



  • Eni Grease MU EP

    EP lithium greases

  • Eni Grease LC

    Lithium complex greases  

  • Eni Grease LCX

    EP grease based on synthetic base oil  

  • Eni Grease PV 2

    Anhydrous calcium grease with excellent protective properties