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Each engine needs the right lubricant to protect it and enhance its performance. Eni research has developed eni i-Sint: a line of lubricants designed for your car’s needs.

Eni i-Sint is a full range of synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils formulated on the basis of the requirements and potential of all types of engine under all conditions of use.

Through higher durability and fluidity, eni i-Sint high-technology lubricants represent a whole new way of thinking about driving. Thanks to a careful selection of raw materials and an accurate balancing of all components, eni i-Sint products have successfully passed strict testing protocols and are certified to the highest levels established by organisations and automotive manufacturers. Eni i-Sint lubricants ensure maximum engine protection and performance, and improve the performance of anti-particulate filters through the use of special additives.

Eni i-Sint is a high-performance product line that meets the needs of today’s automotive engines. The line includes, in particular, lubricants formulated for the latest of generation engines and is suitable for vehicles equipped with diesel-particulate filters.




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Engine Oils

  • Eni i-Sint tech

  • Eni i-Sint professional

  • Eni i-Sint

  • Eni i-Base


Brake Fluids

  • Eni Brake Fluid


Automatic transmission oils

  • Eni Rotra ATF


Manual transmission oils

  • Eni Rotra