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Product characteristics

AGIP Novecento 90 is a lubricant that offers high anti-wear characteristics, designed and formulated for the transmission of classic cars. It designed for the lubrication of the transmissions only or in the differentials assembled in a single gearbox and without hypoid couplings (front-wheel drive vehicles with transverse engine) in which the power transfer occurs without excessive pressure and slipping between the teeth, for which the manufacturers recommend a performance API GL-3
Product code 001905
Name AGIP Novecento 90
Specifications and Approvals API GL-3
  Product profile
AGIP Novecento 85W-140 is a lubricant for manual transmissions with exceptional performance at extreme pressures (EP). Also recommended for the lubrication of hypoid gears. Its formulation, result of Eni's experience, to meet the specific lubrication requirements of transmissions and bevel gears of classic vehicles
Product code 001907
Name AGIP Novecento 85W-140
Specifications and Approvals API GL-5
  Product profile
AGIP Novecento 80W-90 is a lubricant used in transmission systems, especially in manual transmissions and differential with excellent performance at extreme pressures (EP). The product allows to meet the lubrication requirements required by the transmissions that equip classic cars
Product code 001906
Name AGIP Novecento 80W-90
Specifications and Approvals API GL-4
  Product profile
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