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Atte Välimäki wins 'Young Entrepeneur Award 2019'

14 juni 2019, 00:00

Atte Välimäki wins 'Young Entrepeneur Award 2019'
Atte Välimäki who is the CEO of Suomen Voiteluainekauppa Oy has been rewarded with the  Young Entrepeneur Award of the year 2019. The award is based on economic indicators, company success in its field of business and company growth. The entrepreneur must also succeed in all his duties and be an exemplary manager and model for his employees.

Suomen Voiteluainekauppa is a distributor of Eni lubricants in Finland. The company was founded only 4 years ago and has made impressive developments during this period. The award has been assigned to Atte for his determination to grow his business counter-current: when others reduce their inventories Atte decided to strengthen his arsenal with the goal to manage the business in a controlled way and to continuously increase the number of permanent employees.

Team work is key to success

Atte praises his business partner Tapio Laine and their employees. ‘Our entire knowledgeable and innovative team with a common will to grow and develop makes it possible for our company to be successful’, says Atte. The company started in a rented warehouse, but recently moved to their own property. The picture shows Atte in his warehouse which is stocked with Eni products and visually Eni branded and represents the close cooperation as an Eni partner.

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