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Correct engine oil vital to carefree kilometres

20 juni 2019, 00:00

Moderne motoren vragen om zeer specifieke olie, terwijl het gebruik van motorolie met deze specificaties in oudere auto’s juist schade kan veroorzaken.
Correct engine oil vital to carefree kilometres
It has become more important than ever to use the right engine oil for your car engine. Modern engines require a very specific oil, while using this oil with this specification in older cars could cause severe damage!

Engine technology has evolved in response to today's emission standards and the pursuit of lower fuel consumption. Trends include smaller cylinders, turbo technology and direct injection.

Complete range

As an innovative engine oil producer, Eni offers a complete range to protect these modern engines. The complexity of modern engines makes it even more important to use oil with the right specifications. Oil plays a vital role in maintaining the performance and life of an engine.
Engine oil has four important functions: lubricating, protecting, cleaning and cooling. Using the wrong oil could lead to a thin film coating between the moving parts, resulting in excessive wear and tear (and fatal damage). Internal deposits are also a common issue. Oil with the right specifications helps to prevent these deposits.

Eni Lube Finder

As an engine oil specialist, Eni helps you to select the right engine oil for your car. Our online Eni Lube Finder gives you tailor-made oil advice based on the specifics of your car. Click here to go to the Eni Lube Finder. 

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