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Eni i-Sigma Monograde

11 mars 2021, 17:28

Eni i-Sigma Monograde
Monograde engine oils have been a fixed and valued part of the Eni engine oil range for many years. Eni i-Sigma monograde is designed to protect the engines of heavy duty vehicles in the toughest conditions.
Eni monograde oils guarantee the life span and efficiency of the (turbo) diesel combustion engines in earth moving vehicles.
The engines in loaders, diggers, cranes, tractors, etc. are subjected to heavy demands under severe conditions. These are sometimes used with fuel of varying quality. Eni i-Sigma monograde combines optimal protection with a long life span: properties that meet the needs of the market.
Eni i-Sigma monograde is available in four variants:
  • Eni i-Sigma monograde 10W-20*
  • Eni i-Sigma monograde 30
  • Eni i-Sigma monograde 40
  • Eni i-Sigma monograde 50
Eni i-Sigma monograde stands out for its top-quality base oil, achieving a stable viscosity. High-quality additives also enable optimum cleaning and protect the rotating parts against oxidation, corrosion, wear and foam formation. The *monograde 10W-20 can also be used in the hydraulic systems of tractors, loaders, bulldozers, etc., where this type of oil is prescribed.
For more information about the added value of Eni i-Sigma monograde for your machinery, visit our monograde section on our website or contact your account manager by emailing salesbenelux@eni.com or calling +31 (0)10 - 294 1511.

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