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Eni Rotra now even more widely applicable

22 december 2022, 13:05

Eni Rotra now even more widely applicable
Eni Rotra, our range of lubricants for manual and automatic transmissions and hydraulic systems, has recently been expanded. We are introducing two new items: Eni Rotra HD WB and Eni Rotra ATF Multi.
Eni Rotra HD WB: multipurpose lubricant for earthmoving machines/heavy duty vehicles.
This synthetic-based lubricant is suitable for lubricating transmissions, hydraulic systems, power take-offs, hub reduction gears and (non-hypoid) differentials. Eni Rotra HD WB is also specially designed for the trouble-free operation of wet brakes and clutches.
Special features of Eni Rotra HD WB:
  • Maintains its performance even after prolonged use due to excellent oxidation stability
  • Additive technology used protects bearings and gears from wear and rust
  • It prevents squeaks and vibrations in wet brakes and clutches of the latest generation of earthmoving machines
  • It has extensive anti-foam properties which ensure the correct functioning of the hydraulic circuits
Eni Rotra ATF Multi, premium lubricant for automatic transmissions in modern passenger cars and light commercial  and heavy-duty vehicles.
Eni Rotra ATF Multi is suitable for use in automatic transmissions with or without a slip lock clutch. This lubricant is  specifically developed according to the requirements of modern Asian automatic transmissions, but it also meets the requirements of European and North American transmission manufacturers.
Special features of Eni Rotra ATF Multi:
  • High-quality base oils and additives reduce and prevent vibrations
  • Maintains its performance even after prolonged use thanks to excellent oxidation stability, ensures improved friction properties and protects against wear and tear even with long change intervals
  • Good fluidity at both low and high temperatures, ensuring optimal lubrication
  • Anti-foaming properties prevent the formation of air bubbles, the deterioration of the oil film and ensure rapid de-aeration
  • Eni Rotra ATF Multi is suitable for any application in which the manufacturer prescribes an Allison TES-295 performance level

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