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Improve your returns and image with a new 60 litre display

11 mars 2021, 17:29

Improve your returns and image with a new 60 litre display
These days, a wide range of engine oils is essential for maintaining a car according to the manufacturer's instructions. Opting for individual liters means procurement at a relatively high price. Eni Benelux’s new 60 liter display enables you to purchase with an eye on costs and the environment, while professionalising your image.
Switching from individual liters to 60 liter drums reduces your purchase price per liter. And that in turn increases the return on every liter of engine oil sold. This leads to a substantially higher profit margin for annual engine oil sales.
Environmentally aware
Opting for 60 liter drums rather than 1 liter or 20 liter packs also has advantages in terms of sustainability. Switching to drums will immediately reduce the amount of plastic packaging used and therefore reduce waste as well. That way, you automatically and actively contribute to a better environment.
Eni Benelux has developed a superb 60 liter display that can accommodate nine 60 liter drums. That gives you a complete range of high-quality oils with OEM approvals at your fingertips and an image appropriate for a professional car company.
If you are interested in the 60 liter display, ask your account manager about our loan agreement, email salesbenelux@eni.com or call +31 (0)10 294 1511.

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