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Refreshing brake fluid still too often forgotten!

07 december 2019, 14:00

Refreshing brake fluid still too often forgotten!
In car braking systems, the brake fluid plays a crucial role in transmitting pedal force to the brakes. For safety reasons, it is essential to check and change the brake fluid regularly. 

Brake fluid in a braking system has multiple roles: it lubricates, protects against corrosion, must be heat-resistant and transfers the brake pressure from the master cylinder to the callipers. 

Because brake fluid attracts and absorbs water (hygroscopic), its quality decreases over time as the percentage of water in the fluid becomes too high. Old or dirty brake fluid leads to a reduction in braking efficiency of up to 90%.

We advise you to check the brake fluid at every service; in addition to the manufacturer's prescribed change interval. The life span of the brake fluid is strongly influenced by variables such as load, temperature and weather conditions.

If the brake fluid needs to be changed, Eni has three types of high-quality brake fluids available for a flawless and safe operation of the braking systems. AGIP Novecento DOT 4 is geared for classic and older cars. Eni Brake Fluid DOT 4 and Eni Brake Fluid DOT 5.1. meet the specifications for modern cars.

You will find the specifications of our brake fluids on our website

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