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Eni Arum ESX is a chains lubricant formulated with high quality synthetic esters that do not leave deposits even at very high temperatures (peaks up to 250°C) and special additives to impart excellent antiwear properties and resistance to oxidation. The high viscosity index reduces the viscosity changes with temperature, thus assuring an adequate oil lubricant film at all times. Specifically designed to lubricate chains operating at high temperatures in several types of industry such as: textile, steel, glass, ceramic, paper, painting lines, metal forming, particularly recommended for lubrication of furnaces and presses chains in the wood fiber panels industries operating at very high temperatures and speeds. Eni Arum ESX is also suitable to lubricate bearings and gears operating under conditions of extreme temperature. Eni Arum ESX can be applied by automatic sprays, drip oilers and it can also be brushed on by hand.
Product code 007346
Name Eni Arum ESX
Specifications and Approvals ISO 12925-1 CKS| DIN 51502 CLP-E
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