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Product characteristics

Eni Rustia 250 F/N is a special corrosion inhibitor formulated with isoparaffin hydrocarbon solvent and specific anti-corrosion additives that forms on the metallic surfaces a semi-transparent waxy film. After solvent evaporation, it leaves a very resistant waxy film on the treated surfaces assuring effective long-term antirust protection even in tropical climates. Eni Rustia 250 F/N is specially recommended for long-term protection of machined surfaces, spare parts and machinery of various kinds, as well as for all materials destined for prolonged outdoor storage or for sea transport. The product is readily applied by dipping, spraying or brushing at ambient temperature. It can be removed by ordinary hydrocarbon solvents, alkaline solutions or steam degreasing.
Product code 007921
Name Eni Rustia 250 F/N
Specifications and Approvals MIL-PFR-16173 E : Class I - Grade 2
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For product Safety Data Sheets, please go to the Eni Safety Data Sheets site.