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Searching for multifunction neat cutting oil for the metal working industry? On this page you can find all products available on Eni Oilproducts for your business.

Product characteristics

Eni Aster MP is an EP (Extreme Pressure), multifunctional oil without chlorine suitable for metal cutting machinings and for the lubrication of the machine tools. It is recommended for automatic machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals of medium severity such as: milling, turning, drilling, threading, especially recommended in machine tools where contamination of the cutting fluid by the lubricating oil may occur. Eni Aster MP is suitable for cutting gear hobbing on high machinability steels. As lubricant for machine tools, it may be used for all applications for which an ISO VG 32 grade oil is required.
Product code 005190
Name Eni Aster MP
Specifications and Approvals ISO 6743/7 MHE
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