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Enilive oilproducts
Searching for grinding, lapping and honing neat cutting oils for the metalworking industry? On this page you can find all products available on Eni Oilproducts for your business.

Product characteristics

Eni Aster MM/E is formulated with high quality mineral oil and selected additives that deliver high anti-wear, anti-corrosive and anti-mist properties. It is free of chlorine. Eni Aster MM/E is suitable for grinding operations, even severe and light cutting operations like turning, milling, drilling and for machining of small metal parts of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Recommended for machining of copper and yellow alloys.
Product code 007356
Name Eni Aster MM/E
Specifications and Approvals ISO 6743/7 MHB
  Product profile
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