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All Material Safety Data Sheets on one website

22 september 2019, 15:00

All Material Safety Data Sheets on one website
Striving for optimum safety is anchored in Eni's DNA. These core values are also reflected in how the Material Safety Data Sheets of Eni products are made available to all. All documents can be found quickly and easily on one website when they are needed.
Eni has drawn up a Material Safety Data Sheet in the national language for all its products. All material safety data sheets can be found on one central website: msds.eni.com. On this site you can choose your language and download the MSDS by entering the trade name or the VIB or SAP code of the Eni product.
The Material Safety Data Sheet is a structured document containing information about the chemical product and recommendations for its safe use. The document contains all the properties of the product: from the hazards and chemical composition to information on protective equipment, safe use, transport and disposal.
A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is always drawn up according to a fixed structure. Various sections discuss, among other things: the manufacturer's product description and details, safety requirements, chemical composition and measures when first aid is required.
The MSDS also always provides the specialist medical emergency number in the event of emergencies while working with the chemical product. Setting up the msds.eni.com website places Eni in line with the REACH regulations for chemicals as prescribed by the European Union since 1991 for the protection of public health and the environment.

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